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High-Yield Property Investments.

Find out how to invest today in properties that can generate annual net yields from 6% to 11%, plus their revaluation over time.

Wim Business Opportunities offers to its clients the chance to buy, starting from 60.000 $ (slightly more than 50.000 €), properties that can generate a considerable annual revenue with the guarantee of being the sole owners, starting from day one.


WIM welcomes you to a selection of the most affordable real estate investments, vacation and second home properties in the EUROPE, USA together with Student Accommodation, Care Home and Hotel Room Investments in the UK.

With purchase prices below market valuation, high yielding rental returns, great capital appreciation prospects and located in the finest areas, our selection of real estate opportunities and assured income products truly offer the choice for all requests.

WIM Business Opportunities was one of the first agencies in Europe to believe in the Fintech revolution and in particular in BlockChain, accepting as payment methods such as Cryptocoins, ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc… ).

For Real Estate and our all services. !! ( * where there are the right conditions.)

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies is among our services!!!


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