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With the word “invest” we refer to the financial activity of an individual (investor) to increase capital or the acquisition of new resources in order to obtain a more profitable future.

The typical characteristics of an investment are the use of initial capital to reach a final goal.

This definition in itself is very reassuring because it is seen from a positive point of view, but why then when we talk about other types of investments, how are those who are in the stock market scare us and we are more fearful?

The simplest answer comes from the kind of “education” that our society imposes on us. In fact, when we have some savings, we deposit it in the bank and leave it for years, hoping that with the interest they give us a greater capital than what we already have in the account.

But if you could have a monthly income with the same capital, without having to wait years to mature an interest?

This may initially lead to skepticism, but this is really possible.

The first step is to open our minds, to understand that society has changed the system, everything that surrounds us is associated with the Internet. Just think about the use we make on Facebook, any information we search on Google and we rely on this “half” of our expectations.

Why then can not you believe that you can have a small income through other systems than those in banking?

WIM BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES works on this with the intention of helping its clients achieve this goal.

The formula we use is C.R.S. (Comfort, Relax, Smart) and thanks to this system it is possible to obtain a return of 6% of the capital invested after 3 months.

These are not just words, here is a simple example:



For example, after a year with a capital of 1000 euros we will obtain a calculation like this:

(Capital * interest * days) / 36500

1000 * 1.8 * 365 / 36500 = 18 euros

At the end of the year will have a capital of 1018 euros.



For example, after 3 months with a capital of 1000 euros we will obtain a calculation like this:

(Capital + 8%)

1000 on  2% (total en Year)= 80 euros

At the end of the year will have a capital of 1080 euros.

More than 62 euros difference

* capital from 10 to 30k euros



A lot of people say is a impossible to do this..But isn’t true.

The system is based on more different assets, which makes possible these results.

  • Real estate
  • Buy-Sell  (purchase and sale of goods)
  • Trading on different Merchants
  • Mining and Trading Cryptocurrencies
  • Shares/ETF Portfolio

Diversification is our keyword for success.

Creating different inputs and believing in the future of the economy are what distinguishes us from our competitors.

The constant implementation of our portfolio with the growth of the company is what ensures the capital of our investor clients.

Our Vision is to create our own Club, where to grow together and be part of one family.

WIM Business Opportunities was one of the first agencies in Europe to believe in the Fintech revolution and in particular in BlockChain, accepting as payment methods such as Cryptocoins, ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc… ).

For Real Estate and our all services. !! ( * where there are the right conditions.)

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies is among our services!!!

Need more info? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.